Bark'n Big Premium Canine Treats & Chews

Where nature meets living room

Bark'n Big is the trusted dog treat and chew manufacturer for your furry family.

Why 'Chews' Us?

To us pet parents, the ultimate satisfaction is providing our pets with something they love to chew on that is also nutritionally sound. With Bark’n Big, you can count on a hand crafted product that is monitored, by us, every step of the way. From raw material to air dry to packaging, you can depend on the products with our label.

On Average, Dogs have 625 weeks with us. Each treat, Each meal, Each walk, Each moment you are with them, matters

  • Colorado Made

    All our treats are manufactured in the heart of the USA in Colorado! And all our meat is sourced from 100% USA farms.

  • Single Ingredient

    We use ZERO additives, chemicals, or preservatives in our chews and treats. Meaning you get 100% natural products.

  • Long Lasting

    We bake our chews long and slow which helps make them last longer and preserves more of the key nutrition too.

About Us

From pasture-to-chew, at BarknBig, we excel at producing natural dog treats and chews starting with sourcing from USA farms. We have dedicated 40,000 sq. ft. to our craft and the process in which we make the healthiest dog treats in the country.