About Us

BarknBig started manufacturing premium products in 2014. Our founders, Mark and Erik Johnson (father and son), set out to create a company for pet parents by pet parents. We strive to produce and present products that help all dogs become whole in both spirit and health.

We manufacture premium canine treats and chews that naturally engage our dogs. These products are lovingly created with minimal processing to help all dogs thrive.

We understand that chews and treats go far beyond making mouths water and tails wag. The premium products we produce nourish and feed the health of our canine companions. Our job is to present each treat and chew in the safest, the healthiest, and the most desirable form without chemicals or artificial additives. We shake on it!

Mark was originally part of the natural bones, treats and chews movement in the early 90's, working for Conagra Foods.  His vision and ingenuity later inspired him to start his own division of the company where he led a group that developed some of the natural pet products we see from many other dog treat companies today. Before the natural chews movement, packing houses were discarding a majority of the raw products we utilize for our pets today.

Why We Do It!

Our overall intent is to feed dogs' bodies, minds and souls.  BarknBig's delicious products keep our dog's bodies healthy and their minds active -- but it is the soul that is fed with love that matters most! Our natural bones, treats and chews create priceless opportunities for pet parents to show their dogs just how much they love them.  Engaging with our dogs makes an incredible difference in their lives -- and ours!

Our Philosophy

BarknBig's philosophy is to nourish dogs' whole health.   Whether in the food and chews they eat, or in the love and attention we provide, dogs rely on us for their whole health.  We strive to create products that go beyond simply satisfying dogs' existence.  At the core of everything we do, we take into account all dogs' whole health:  body, mind and soul.

We make our products with the hope that you and your dog (or dogs, as is most often the case) will connect in such a way that their mouths water, both your hearts sing, and special moments last.

Beyond being the very best pet parents to our fur babies, dogs help all of us to be better people who learn and grow from this unique inter-species relationship. Welcome to our business.

Erik often states, "I never found the pet industry, the industry found me."

"In the Johnson family," Erik explains, "my siblings and I were taken to all of the events our parents were involved in with our family dogs. From show events to weight pulls, we would go. I was lucky to be surrounded by dogs my whole life. I have a love for pets that naturally led me to play a role in BarknBig.  The products we make not only nourish dogs' bodies, they also create special moments to interact and love on our dogs and that's what the big picture is all about."

Over the years, Erik's product knowledge and experience have allowed him to play pivotal roles in every department of the company.  From overall plant management to proprietary cooking techniques and new product creation, Erik is at the helm playing a key role in every treat and chew that BarknBig makes.